If you have commercial goals, video marketing is the best way to achieve them. More than 80% of companies make use of video as part of their strategy, and the overwhelming majority of them reap tangible ROI.

We help to build more powerful brand stories with the power of videos. Videos have seen an exponential increase in recent years. Videos keep your customers engaged, driving more traffic and catapulting conversion rates quicker than any other platform. Staggering statistics about video usage will tell you that you are missing out on a large chunk of your consumer base if you are not using videos for your brand.

At DMC, we provide content for videos too, at every point in the sales funnel. It is not only efficient and effective, but also simplifies a complex idea easily. You can have a number to drive. Clients who’ve never tried video marketing before have now started with an uncertain brief. They have walked away with actionable insights and convincing statistics.

Your audience wants to know about your products and services. They want to see your excellence. Our content creators create catchy content for your prospects and turn them into sales-ready leads. Video improves brand awareness by 139% and intent to purchase the product by 97%. If your brand lacks video marketing, you are going to miss an important opportunity to nurture, engage, and convert customers.

If your brand lacks video content, you are missing important opportunities to nurture, engage, and convert customers. High-quality video content engages your target audience. Storytelling elements and branded elements help customers relate to your audience.


At DMC, we use video content to help you achieve your commercial and marketing goals. We provide content for advertising and marketing video services such as on-location videos, explainer videos, animations, vox pops, training videos, blog videos, promotional videos, product demo videos, commercials, testimonials and interviews, social media videos, and persona development videos.




Infographics are the best mode of communication, irrespective of the audience or industry. Give your brand a strong impression with visual communication that educates and entertains your audience while encouraging them to engage with your brand. Our industry’s best content creators give your brand a boost by synthesising complex information into simple points that drive value.

Social Creative’s

Great postings move the needle for your business. DMC social media content writers focus on generating website traffic, increasing brand awareness, growing social links and demonstrating thought leadership. In conjunction with cutting-edge marketing techniques, social strategies are tailored to boost your online presence while targeting potential customers where they spend time and catering to your readers’ wants and needs.

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